A psion who isnt afraid to get his hands dirty. Good luck finding him in a crowd......


Unusual Tattoo
Property: When Basher spends an action point, all enemies within a close burst 5 of you take 5 psychic damage
Curse: When you fail a death save, you take damage equal to half your level.


Basher was and is a con man. He made more than a decent living for himself with thieving jobs, corporate sabotage and even some killing. There are few better than he when it comes to impersonation. He has been in the business since he was a youngster, picking pockets and learning the basics to the art of the scam. But for him it isnt about the money. (little do most realize he actually gives most of his earning to the poor). No, for him its about the thrill of the “game” and proving that more can be accomplished with words than with swords.

On his face run strange ink like markings. These markings run along his face and seem move about as if they had a mind of their own, when in fact they are reflections of his mood. Moving about very frequently when he is thinking fast, swirling when he is pensive, moving smoothly when he is calm or fast and frantically hitting each other when he is made. However this all applies to his passive, when he consciously thinks about them, they may form words, exaggerate facial features or even create “Masks”. He can conceivably create any image on his face.

He wasnt much for adventuring until later in life when an old friend, who had actually taught him how to pick his first pocket in his youth, invited him to be part of a team of adventurers. Now he throws his lot in as a “crowd control” fighter. He is often very crass, even conflicting. He has a funny way of looking at combat. Typically it always seems as if he is trying to “one-up” any kill or such action. Though he primarily channels psionic energy through his staff he often uses a large hunting knife found on an old corpse to execute some of his more graceful kills, sometimes seeming just a little too eager to get his hands on his target.


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