An expatriate drow with an eyepatch and a predatory grin, the rogue Gendar trades in old treasures from the Labyrinth of Thunderspire Mountain. He is smug and greedy, having left behind the Lolth-worshiping ways of his people years ago when his family lost out in one of the interminable vendettas of drow society. Gendar recovers some of his wares himself, but he prefers to pay others to risk life and limb in the Labyrinth. Sometimes he commissions adventurers to seek out specific treasures. Gendar is a great source of information about the ruins, but he doesn’t offer anything without a price; the more exclusive the information, the higher its cost.


You gave him the dagger from Bairwin. He told you about the Well of Demons in exchange for some money. You used the Wand of Wonder on him and temporarily dominated him into giving you his magical eyepatch.


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