Gromph Starforge

Dwarven Cleric of ownage


A Dwarven Cleric of Ownage

A dream from Moradin
Property: When Gromph is first bloodied in an encounter healing power rushes through his body and releases it, healing all allies in a close burst 5; 1d6 health.
Curse: When you fail a death save, all adjacent allies take 1d6 fire damage.



A story of betrayal, fire, and intrigue

I haven’t always been an adventurer, but sometimes life is forced upon you. Believe it or not I used to be a blacksmith. I worked inside the Gold Dwarf Canyons side by side with some of the greatest Dwarven craftsmen, but I was the best if I may say so myself. (holds belly and chuckles)I made fine Dwarven axes, invincible Dwarven armor and I even had a knack for stone sculpting.

That all changed one afternoon, I was delving deep into one of the mithril mines looking for a large piece of ore. I had been commissioned to make an elaborate urgrosh for the King of the Canyon, Dolgrum. As I lowered myself deeper into the mine I saw a glistening mass of mithril just outside of my reach. I stretched for it and as I did the rope around my waist snapped and I plummeted into the dark chasm until I abruptly hit the floor of the deep mithril cavern.

Barely able to push my self up from the cold rocky slab I sat straight. The mine entrance was nothing but a speck of light above me in a mouth of darkness. However, I could still see? I looked for my lantern tied to my hip but it had broken from the fall. How was it then that I could still see? I looked for the source. Embedded in the cave wall was a perfectly round stone. It flickered like a candle flame. The stone even seemed to be swirling fire with in it.

I stood up but fell quickly after I realized that my right leg was severely shattered. I was a bloody mess head to toe. so I crawled toward the stone. Heaving my body across the floor was no easy task but I did it. I grabbed a hand hold on the wall, leaned against it, and lifted myself up eye level with the stone.

The fiery stone was something to behold. As I drew closer it changed, reacting to my presence. Sitting on the floor a moment ago it was a candle flame but as I drew closer it grew more violent, and as I stood next to it the stone looked as if it was barely holding the conflagration that burned inside. I shouldered the wall and grabbed the stone.

Upon my touch the cavern filled with swirling fire. I watched it dance through the air like ribbons of flame. It was beautiful. The fire took a dive and poured into my agape mouth. I lost my breath and by Moradin did It burn inside of me like something awful. My eyes saw flames and every wound I had bursted with an inferno. I passed out from all the pain.

When I awoke my wounds were healed, my leg mended, and my spirits revitalized. “What was that?” I wondered. I looked back at the stone still perched on the wall. The fire still flickering inside. Slowly I began to try and pry it out of the wall again. This time the flame drew to me longing to be held. With enough umph I plucked the stone from its cold hard prison. The flame danced in my hand, happy to be found. Can’t say I wasn’t happy to find it either after it had healed me. I decided to name the stone. “All wondrous items have names,” I thought “why not this one.”

“I will name you Thestkig!”

With the stone in my pocket I climbed back up the cavern, collected the mithril, and headed back to the Gold Dwarf citadel, Tobul Zoden. In my Shoppe I crafted my greatest master piece ever, a mithril urgrosh and in the blade of the axe rested Thestkig. Surely This will be the greatest present the King of the Canyon has ever received. I rested the night and anticipated the ceremonies for the next day.

I entered Dolgrums hall and the room fell silent and stares placed me in crosshairs as I approached the throne.I knelt down and presented Thestkig. “What do we have here?” said Dolgrum jovially entertaining his audience. Dolgrum looked at Thestkig and his face changed from chum to anger.“Show me your face Gromph Starforge!” He bellowed. I looked up and upon my face was a mark. I had been marked over much of my body with sigils of flame. I hadn’t noticed them the day before. Over night the flame inside me had to have grown. “What did this to you?! Answer me!”
“The stone my king. It healed me with fire and I thought that you would like such a gift. It is a wondrous stone and …”
“Be quite Dwarf! You dare bring me this stone! Are you trying to enslave us all!”
“I don’t understand!?”
“Of course not you fool! You are too far removed from your ancestors to remember our enslavement to the fire Titans! That … thing marked you with sigils of slavery! Give me the stone now!”
Dolgrum stomped down from his throne and ripped Thestkig from my hands.
“Gromph Starforge! You are from this point on banished from Tobul Zoden! You bring threats of slavery into our home and bear them as gifts!? You are more akin to the Azers and from here on are given the exiled title Ziril Nazush! May Moradin bury you in the deepest depths! May he forgive us for housing such an unbelievable scourge in our midst!Be gone and never return lest you wish to die!”

I was removed from the hall, thrown out of Tobul Zoden, and forced to live alone. It was in solitude that I trained, became strong and wise. I forged an urgrosh for myself and dwarven armor of my own design. I even discovered that the flame inside me could be manifested. I could use the flame to heal others. Thestkig wasn’t a curse. It broke my chains gave me strength and a power to heal with purifying flames. I do not blame Moradin for my misfortune, in fact I believe he is using me for something great!

Gromph Starforge

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