Tried to open the rift on the Shadowfell. He was a servant of the god of the undead, Orcus. Wielded the Rod of Ruin. Wore a ram shaped helmet.


This enigmatic figure was first spotted by Admiral Wolverine Lightning bolt during the successful rescue of [[:douven stoul]] the archaeologist. Douven was excavating a dragon burial ground. Kalarel seemed to be projecting an image of himself during the battle, so his actual location was unknown.

It was discovered that he was leading a cult of Orcus from the Shadowfell Keep. Ultimately he was confronted by Admiral Wolverine Lightning bolt while he was performing a ritual that would open a portal to the Shadowfell.

Kalarel was killed during the battle and the portal to the Shadowfell was sealed. His body was taken by the thing behind the portal.


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