The Wubba stick

Sometimes, death is a favorable option.


The wubba stick is a magical item of wonder…. and chaos. Its effects a many and each colorfully unique. Be it big feet, a swarm of butterflies, a giant purple worm or a crafty player switch, the stick has many many consequences of its use. Now whether they are good or bad…. only time will tell….


It was created near a magically unstable region of the world that has since been lost or forgotten. A large purple lake holding more magical substance than all the wizards in the world combined was at the heart of this region. Many years ago, the most powerful and esentric wizard who ever lived attempted to harness the power of the lake and the region. This led to the creation of the Wand of Wonder. Legend tells that the wizard used it, but once after creating it. No one knows what happened to the wizard.

The Wubba stick

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