Thunderspire Mountain

1. Entrance

2. The Road of Lanterns slopes into the mountain. Green light from copper lanterns dimly illuminate the road, which leads about half a mile into the mountain, sloping steadily downward over several switch-backs. The road is a brick-vaulted passage, 30 feet wide and 30 feet tall. Seventy-seven demon statues, each over 10 feet tall, stand watch along the corridor’s length. The lanterns are spaced every 100 feet so it’s possible to see the next one along the road.

3. The Seven-Pillared Hall is the heart of Thunderspire. The chamber walls have been fashioned into building facades, so the Hall appears more like a city square than an underground cavern. Merchants conduct business in the Hall, at the best and with the permission of the Mages of Saruun.

5. The Deep Stair leads into the lower levels of the Labyrinth. Explorers can reach the Houses of Silence, the Well of Demons, and various passages into the Underdark itself.

6. The Road of Shadows wends through rubble-filled halls and a confusing maze of passages and storerooms. Due east on the road leads to the mines of the Grimmerzhul duergar, 30 miles away. Due south leads to the Horned Hall.

7. The Shinning Road leads north into some of the more magnificent ruins of ancient Saruun Khel, including the Avenue of Glory. Some 40 miles along this road can lead you to the Silvershield Hold, home of the Silvershield dwarves.

8. Avenue of Glory runs for about a third of a mile where more than one hundred mighty statues depicting minotaur heroes, fearsome monsters, and great demons line it the avenue. Some have fallen and lie broken on the ground or have been defaces and damaged, yet it remains an impressive sight. Most residents avoid the avenue for it is frequented by wandering monsters.
9. The Chamber of Eyes
10. The Horned Hold
11. The Well of Demons
14. Houses of Silence

Thunderspire Mountain

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